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The Place

An interlude with nature

Une Emeraude en Anjou is a unique place for revitalisation and biodiversity in Anjou.
5 minutes away from Angers, in the middle of the countryside, Une Emeraude en Anjou is first and foremost a place where biodiversity has been preserved and a place full of history site with a 16th century building. The place is surrounded by trees and the atmosphere allows you to relax and enjoy your stay. Allow yourself to be surprised, reconnect with your roots, learn and understand.

On site, the animal, plant and mineral worlds live side by side in perfect harmony in an area of more than 2.5 acres. It is a place that favours peace of mind. The slow attitude allows you to learn and understand, to be surprised, to reconnect with your family and your roots… In short, to rest and recharge!
The donkeys’ have given up part of their enclosure to create a mosaic of educational spaces. These spaces have been designed for you: forest mounds, forest-garden, bucolic hedge, aromatic spiral, beehives, insect house, orchard, vegetable patch, pond… all respecting permaculture. The site is also a place of transmission with a dedicated educational process, alternating between today’s issues and proposing solutions for tomorrow.
Find your true nature and hurry to discover this jewel of biodiversity and history!

Let yourself be surprised by an eco-responsible* accommodation in a 16th century manor.
To truly relish the experience, come and enjoy our rooms. Fall asleep in a cosy bed, in a truly natural setting and have your breakfast in the greenhouse.
Let yourself be charmed by this sensory awakening in all seasons!

*During your stay, do not forget to respect few eco-actions to preserve the ecosystem’s balance. We all have something to gain! Discover the sustainable charter Une Emeraude en Anjou.