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The Approach

A break to disconnect, learn and act

Nowadays, we all hear about climate change, erosion and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We offer you the possibility of reconnecting with the living world and learn from nature to act consciously starting now.
Une Emeraude en Anjou is an interlude with nature, but above all a place of transmission and awareness for companies, local authorities and individuals. We are convinced that together and at our own scale we can all be actors and a force for change. Our mission is to give you the keys to change based on a path, encounters, emotions… Our role is to get you started now to live better and healthier on planet Earth. This is our challenge. That is our commitment! The concept is both simple and ambitious.
Simple because it is first about enhancing a natural ecosystem filled with plant and animal species. This jewel of a place has to be looked at and appreciated.
But the ambition does not stop there as the visitor is not a simple observer or student. He or she will become actively involved on site, but also when returning  home or to work.
Une Emeraude en Anjou is much more than a natural museum because it changes the visitor’s mindset and this is the challenge that the Eco-Lieu Collective has set itself. And all means are good to achieve this goal: teaching methods, animations, workshops, thematic areas, eco-friendly accommodations, regional products, CSR action passport…

Our objective: Act through learning and by having an open mind. We want to take you with us!


To achieve this ideal, our motto is: avoid militancy, prefer commitment!


Act together and turn small streams into rivers: it is possible!