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Educational workshops

We have so much to learn from Nature!

All workshops take place in the Chalet. Those trainings are devoted to firms and territories. It has been eco-designed and is located in the garden next to the donkeys, right in the middle of the Educational Premises Mosaic. (Zone 10 on the map)

Cooking from scratch with healthy products from the garden

Follow by our Chef, put on the gardener-cook’s costume to gather aromatic herbs and edible plants. Take this opportunity to bring back all tof these fresh and local products from the garden…
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Art and Discovery of the Anjou’s stones

Explore the soils, the famous stones of Anjou and the area’s architectural wealth. An exploration made from the garden and the immersive space…
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The wonderful world of bees

Take off with our passionate beekeeper and discover this fascinating ecosystem. After this initiation, the wonderful world of bees will no longer have secrets for you…

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Look at things differently through Agroecology and Permaculture

Identify by following our agronomist expert’s advice. He will teach you the basics of agroecology and permaculture, how plants and even the forest connect together…
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Living better and healthier

Escape and go back in time by letting our herbalist guide you. He will give you an overview of herbal medicine of yesterday and today…
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Wines, soils and terroirs

Led by our biodynamic winegrower discover the soils and wines of Anjou, the role of the soil and its geology, the interactions between plants and the surrounding fauna and flora…
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Decarbonisation, what are we talking about?

There is a lot going on about carbon and decarbonization. However, what are we really talking about ? With our expert, you will talk about causes and consequences of global warming in a collective and playful way…
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Workshops designed for 6 to 15 people
It is possible to double our capacities in summer
Duration: 1 full day per workshop
Price list on request